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Need an assistant? Call some of the people on our list and let them know when you need them. In hiring freelance assistants you should inquire in addition to their experience and hourly/day rate; do they have reliable transportation, good driving record, liability and/or health insurance, anything they can't or won't do (like fly in a helicopter), conflicts such as another job or family, and hours of availability. I recommend you outline their responsibilities for the assignment, recommend appropriate attire and any equipment they should bring (gloves, hard hat, mag light, etc.) 

We promote the use of Freelance Photographer's Assistant's  
Hey, it's tough these days in Detroit. While the rest of the nation is enjoying economic recovery Michigan has been left behind for many reasons. But we are committed to Michigan. Part of our commitment is supporting our follow photographers and especially the young up-and-coming photographer taking the traditional route of working as a freelance assistant to other photographers as they gain experience.

We have created this list so we keep track of the current available assistants for our own projects, but also to help other photographers find assistants in the Detroit area and thus keep them working.

What is the value of an assistant? You can read an article I've written about it here;
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Other resources to find assistants, learn more about assisting photographers or becoming a true professional photographer can be found at the following links;

www.ASMP.org  (National)



The following list is odered by most recent additions at top. 
We have not worked directly with everyone listed here. Listing with pluses (+) have worked with us (+) 1 , (++) 2 , (+++) 3 or more times.
See terms of use at bottom.

THE LIST - last updated 05/11:
Additional new listing to be added in the coming weeks.

Natalie Probst 
(989) 450-9719 cell

covering Detroit & Chicago, 2+years, studio, location, editorial, commercial and portraiture assisting. Profoto, Travelight, Elinchrome, Speedatron strobes. Also available for location scouting and BTS stills. Will travel. probstna@gmail.com

CJ Benninger 
(734) 679-7181 cell

Ferndale, 4+years, 19 shooters (local & visiting) Location and studio, editorial, car, and interior architectural assising, in which strobe, hotlights, and HMI were used. cjbenninger@gmail.com

Brett Mountain 
(734) 678-0107 cell

Royal Oak, 6+years studio & location, 10+ shooters (local & visiting), Most Strobes & Hot lights, Digital & Film (all formats), Location Scouting, Extensive Photoshop & PhotoMechanic Exp., Monolights, GripGear, Laptop & Canon 30D available. brett@brettmountainphoto.com

Chris Pearson 
(248) 225-7720

Ferndale, 8+years studio & location
chris@cpautophoto.com www.cpautophoto.com

Michael Shuster 
(248) 444-5591

South Lyon, 4+years studio & location, 30+ shooters, Strobes from Dyna-Lite, Speedotron, White Lightning, most hot lights, Hasselblad and other medium format, digital backs, Nikon, Canon, PS CS2, Bridge, MS Office, computer comfortable, but not expert. 10hr.day, 5hr. 1/2 day. Hatchback available. michaelshuster@mac.com


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Terms of Use: This list is neither an endorsement or recommendation of any listed individual. This information is provided only as a resource and all information provided is the sole responsibility of the listee. Provided information has not been verified by Proshooter.com. Assistant should inform photographers of any conflicts, medical conditions, transportation issues or other factors which may affect their ability to reliably be at the assigned location on time, hours of availability or other factors that may affect the project. Assistant may be required to sign independent contractor statement, provide their own auto, liability, health and/or accident insurance and/or provide a 1099/W9 form.

Rates and terms of payment are solely between the hired assistant and the hiring photographer/studio. Always determine and agree on all terms in advance.

This list is provided as a free service to both professional freelance photographer's assistants serving the Detroit/SE Michigan Market and photographer's seeking their services. Send changes, updates, removals and new listings to assistantslist@Proshooter.com

We are not responsible for listing errors and reserve the right to remove any names or this entire list without notice.