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is John Lacy,
a commercial photographer
based in the
metro Detroit area.

We produce high quality photography mostly for business to business marketing.

Our principal markets are the construction industry and the automotive manufacturing industry. A significant portion of our work is also divided among the hospitality industry (hotels, resorts, casinos & restaurants)

Our specialties include

>> Architectural
(interior & exteriors),
(interiors & exteriors,
studio & location),
shooting manufacturing facilities & equipment.
>> Environmental & Studio
Executive Portraiture
for Editorial, Annual Report and similar,
Studio Product
including electronics, glass, plastic, package goods & food.

In addition to photography we also offer
>> Digital Retouching
>> Large Format Printing
>>Graphic Design & Offset Printing for brochures, catalogs and promotional materials and
Website Design & Hosting.

We've been in business since 1987


Some of the clients we are talking to now have had difficulty qualifying photographers. With the technologies changing from film to digital it's getting harder to determine if a photographer is a experienced pro or perhaps just a serious amateur.

In the past we've had out-of-state client's request that we shoot only 4x5 transparency film on their project because it was once to be a pretty good qualifier. If a photographer didn't have and use a large format system or preferred to shoot negative film to transparency then they probably weren't professional enough.

Unfortunately things have changed, a lot. In some cases negative film is more practical than transparency and the newer digital formats, once producing tiny, barely useable image files now in some cases are actually superior to film. To complicate things even more the traditional advantage of large format 4x5 was for control of perspective and higher resolution. This has can be compensated for in a medium format roll film camera by making large scans of modern high resolution films (both transparency and negative) and correcting the perspective in Adobe Photoshop. In fact this process allows for quicker setups and lower material costs during the shoot.

So how does one qualify a photographer who they haven't yet worked with?

I suggest looking at examples of their work. A wide range of images will give you a good idea of their skills, style and approach. You might ask how they would shoot your project. What type of camera system, film or digital, lighting they would use and why they recommend those options. Lastly in talking with the photographer you can get a sense of how well they understand your goals and objectives. They should give you the impression that they will meet your objectives while bringing something extra to the project.

Below I've compiled a partial list of the equipment we use in our photography. It includes many formats and camera systems as well as lighting and post production equipment. All of this we have on hand to use for projects both in studio and on location.

Remember that ultimately it is not the equipment that shoots the photos, but the photographer's creative and technical skill realized through his vision and mastery of his tools.

as of Winter 2005

Film & Digital Camera Systems:
35mm & Digital Camera System
Canon EOS 1Ds Mark II 16.7MP Digital Bodies
Canon 16-35mm f/2.8 L Lens
Canon 24-70mm f/2.8 L lens
Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 IS L Lens
Canon 100mm f/2.8 Macro Lens
Sigma 12-24mm f/4.5 EX DG Lens
Accessories such as Shades, Filters, etc.

Medium Format Camera Systems
Hassleblad 503CX Medium Format Body
Hassleblad 901 Superwide Body
  with 38mm flat field superwide lens

Hassleblad 50mm Zeiss Lens
Hassleblad 80mm Zeiss Lens
Hassleblad 150mm Zeiss Lens
6 Hassleblad A12 Film Backs
Polaroid Film Back
Accessories such as Shades, Filters, etc.

Large Format Camera System
Cambo 4x5 Large Format Rail Body
Regular & Bag Bellows
Short & Long Rails, Mount Block
90mm f/5.6 Fujinon Lens
150mm f/5.6 Fujinon Lens
210mm f/5.6 Fujinon Lens
Polaroid Film Holder
Cut Sheet Film Holders x25
Accessories such as Shades, Filters, etc.

Video Camera System:
Video Camera System
Canon XL1 MiniDV Video Camera
Canon 3X Zoom Xl 3.4-10.2mm Lens
Canon 16X Zoom Xl 5.5-88mm Lens
Accessories such as Shades, Filters, etc.

Lighting Systems:

Strobe Lighting System
Dyna Lite M1000 Powerpacks x8
Dynalight 2040 2000ws Strobeheads x12
Dynalight Snoots, Spot & Grid Light Modifiers
Photoflex Light Diffusion Boxes x8
Calumet 60", 45" & 30" Umbrellas
Photoflex 48x24 Light Diffusion Panels
Accessories such as Shades, Filters, etc.
Large, Medium & Small Stands & Booms
9 & 12 ft. seamless background stand kits

Canon 580EX & 420EX
Canon MR14EX RingFlash
Vivitar 285 (4) on-camera and slaved strobes
Several small slaved mini strobes

Continuous Lighting System
SmithVictor Q60 Video Spotlights

Gitzo tripods with Gitzo and Manfrotto Heads

Travel Cases for all of above
Flatbed & Folding Carts to transport
2001 GMC 2500 Cargo Van

Computer & Scanning Systems:

Studio - Office
Dual Xeon Computer Workstations running
  Multiple Intel Xeon Hyperthreading Processors
  MS Windows XP64 Pro OS (64bit)
  12GB RAM
  4 RAID 250GB 7200 RPM AV Drives
  Dual 16X CD/DVD DL Reader/Burners
  10TB External Network File Servers
  6Mbs Internet connection
  Dual 24" LCD Monitors, color calibrated
Portable - Location
  Sony Vaio Laptop BD-R/DVD-R/CDR  
Film, Print & Document Scanners
  Nikon 8000ED 4000dpi Film scanner
  Agfa T2500 2500dpi film and flatbed scanner
  Brother Laser/Fax Scanner All-In-One
  w/2400dpi 24bit scan, doc feeder and OCR

Output Systems:

Prints & Murals:
  Fujix 3000 Pictrography Dye Sublimation Printer
  HP 130nr 24" 2400dpi 6 color Inkjet Printer
  36" Kodak DS-1000 Postscript Printer
  Epson 1280 wide format inkjet printer
  Epson R200 inkjet printer w/CD-DVD printer

Digital Files:
16X DL DVD Burner (location portable)
  40X CD/CDRW Burners
  Dedicated off-site Web Server for file transfer

update - as of Winter 2010 we have sold all of our film equipment including both the medium format Hasselblad kit and the Large format 4x5 kit - our studio is now exclusively digital. Also on our output printers we have replaced our 24" & 36" printer with a 12ink 44"

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