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Introduction    Top 10 Reasons to Hire Us
  Home Page
Contact    How to Reach Us  or just call 800-317-1026!
  Map to Studio
  Map of SE Michigan / Metro Detroit Area
  Studio Tour 
  John Lacy's Resume
What We Do    Photography Solutions/Services
  Digital Imaging  High Quality Retouching
  Stock Photography 
  Digital Video Production & Editing 
  Legal Video Documentation
  Diane Lacy Photography
  Client List - 50+ companies we've shot for
  More Value for your Marketing Dollar  
Portfolios    Photography Portfolios
       ACT INTEX Awards - Over 400 Photos
       Aerial Photography
       Annual Report Photography COMING SOON!
       Architectural Exterior Photography 
       Architectural Interior Photography 
       Automotive & Aircraft Photography
       Automotive & Aircraft Photography 2
       Cars & Girls 
     Casino & Gaming Industry
                  Architectural Photography - Casinos 
                  Food & Chefs Photography - Casinos 
                  People Photography - Casinos 
       Catalog Photography
     Construction Exterior Photography
       Construction Interior Photography
       Commercial Flooring Photography
       Corporate Photography COMING SOON!
       Digital Imaging Samples
                 Retouch Samples Arch/Con Exterior
                 Retouch Samples Arch/Con Interior COMING SOON!
                 Retouch Samples Industrial COMING SOON!
                 Retouch Samples People COMING SOON!
       Digital Video
       Editorial / Magazine Photography
                    Library Journal Covers  
                    CAM Magazine Covers COMING SOON!
       Hospital Photography
       Industrial Photography
       People Photography 
       Product Photography
       Restaurant /Food Photography
       Stock Photo Library MORE UPDATES COMING SOON!
- Images available for as little as $250 per usage.
                     Detroit City Views Stock Photos   
                     Hot Air Balloon Stock Photos
                     Automotive Stock Photos COMING SOON!
                     Boats & Nuclear Submarine Stock Photos
                     Private & Jet Aircraft Stock Photos
                     Tranquil Natural Scenes Stock Photos
                     Flowers & Plants Stock Photos
       Versatility through Digital Imaging
 Useful Articles     editorial article How to make a Marketing Video  NEW!
  editorial article Digital Post Production. What & Why 
  editorial article Equipment & How to Qualify a Photographer
editorial article What is a 300dpi Jpeg?  Most Popular!
  editorial article A Professional Assistant is Worth the Additional $  
  editorial article How I Got to Where I Am Ideal for Students!
editorial article Who Owns the Image?  
  editorial article The Digital Studio  our "blog" with regular updates
  editorial article Digital vs. Film 
  editorial article Digital vs. Film Options 
  editorial article Negative or Transparency, which is really better?
  editorial article Is Proshooter a Photo Studio or an Ad Agency?
  editorial article Lost Film, Now What? 
  $99 Product Photos include Clipping Path
  Services we've provided to a $5M and a $100M company
Important Info    Copyright Law  
  Photography Assignment Terms & Conditions html
  Photography Assignment Terms & Conditions PDF
  Michigan Sales Tax 
  Michigan General Sales and Use Tax Acts (01.01.2004) PDF
Sales Tax Exemption Form  Michigan3372 (GIF)  Click Here for PDF
  Federal W9 form GIF  or  PDF  fax back to us at 940-234-9739
  Model Release Form  PDF
Property Release Form 
  Photographers Assistant List  SE Michigan 
Prints &Output Options    Prints & Materials Costs with full options and descriptions including info on 200+ year fade resistance and display options UPDATED!
  Zenfolio Prints for Portraits & Groups   NEW!
  On-Line Digital Proofs and File Downloads  
Graphic Design, Websites,
& Marketing Services
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Interesting Stuff    Real Smart Marketing
Graphic Design    Design Solutions/Services
Advertising & Marketing
Web Design & Hosting
Logo Design
  Digital Video              
  Displays  link not yet updated
Creative Writing 
CD Production/Duplication
Publishing    Publishing Solutions/Services
  Direct Mail
Standard Printing
Industry Terms & Conditions
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