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is John Lacy,
a commercial photographer
based in the
metro Detroit area.

We produce high quality photography mostly for business to business marketing.

Our principal markets are the construction industry and the automotive manufacturing industry. A significant portion of our work is also divided among the hospitality industry (hotels, resorts, casinos & restaurants)

Our specialties include

>> Architectural
(interior & exteriors),
(interiors & exteriors,
studio & location),
shooting manufacturing facilities & equipment.
>> Environmental & Studio
Executive Portraiture
for Editorial, Annual Report and similar,
Studio Product
including electronics, glass, plastic, package goods & food.

In addition to photography we also offer
>> Digital Retouching
>> Large Format Printing
>>Graphic Design & Offset Printing for brochures, catalogs and promotional materials and
Website Design & Hosting.

We've been in business since 1987


As you can probably tell, we offer marketing solutions in addition to photography, video and digital imaging. Some visitors to this site are looking for a photographer but may fear that we may offer some of the same services they do and could in fact be competitors of theirs.

Nothing could be further from the truth.
We actually do quite a bit of work for both direct to client and through agencies, brokers and independent designers.

We would much rather that you handle what you do best; working with the client whom you know far better than we do. We are happy to work in a limited capacity which serves you and represents you best to your client.

While our primary skill set is in producing images, our experience in design, production and publishing can be an asset to you because we understand the whole process and can appreciate the "big picture." 

Some examples are the selection of whether to shoot film or digital may go beyond the immediate need and cross over into other future projects you may be offering your client. We are comfortable working with or without a layout and can produce shots that graphically fit page placement and picture box proportions.

In addition, we understand the production process well enough to work directly with your production staff in preparing and delivering ready to use images for all purposes.

And finally, we may be able to offer you discounted rates or commissions on our services to allow you a margin on the services we offer on your behalf*.

*commissions and discounts to brokers and resellers may not be available on initial / first projects. However after a business relationship has been established these may be available.
Please inquire if you have questions.








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