Logo_new8c.gif (2758 bytes) Business Information Typical projects start at $500 and go up to over $40,000. Our average billing is about $3000. We prefer not to quote "dayrates" on our website because they don't answer the question of what will it cost. Please read below and call us for a quote.

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Fees & Costs:

While we do try to be consistent in our pricing, each job is quoted for the specifics of that job. Only after we have a clear understanding of the client's needs and expectations do we give a total cost quote which includes fees, use rights, materials and costs. We can provide a written quote which outlines all of the details.

We believe that our fees offer an excellent value and are in the middle of the range of our competitors. While we believe that it is generally true that you get what you pay for, we try to exceed our client's expectations and deliver more value in the end. Of course some of our clients think that our rates are outrageous, and yet they keep coming back while at the same time when referred to a client's ad agency (one of the largest in the world) we heard that we were too cheap to be any good, and yet we still managed to meet their needs.  Give us a call and if you have a budget let us know. We will let you know what we can do within your cost restraints. You may well be surprised.

Terms & Conditions:

Our standard terms & conditions apply to all assignments.  This allows us to make clear who owns photography, original materials and the rights of all parties.
Payment for Services:
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Due to a weak local economy in the Detroit area we no longer extend 30 day terms. All services must be paid for upon delivery. Some projects may require a retainer of 50% (photo shoots) or payment in full in advance (large print or mural orders).

The good news is that in addition to accepting
corporate & personal checks and bank wire payments we now can accept your payment by major credit card including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover through our secure virtual terminal provided by PayPal. We can also accept payments directly through PayPal from your credit card or eCheck (please contact us in advance for details). To process your credit card we need information from your card which is more secure to provide over the phone or fax. Please do not send your complete credit card information by email. Payments through our virtual terminal are secure and protected from fraud by PayPal, your issuing bank and the association providing your card (Visa, MC, AmEx & Discover). Feel free to call us for more information.

Materials Pricing: 
We post our pricing for prints, murals and shooting materials for your convenience.  These costs are our costs plus a small markup for our services in ensuring quality and processing your order.  We are confident that you will find them to be competitive with other photography studios at a level of similar quality.
Copyright Information: You should know and understand the copyright laws when buying, selling or publishing original art in any form.
Who Owns the Image,
Client or Creator?:

Again a client misunderstood the rights they were licensed when contracting photography, design and other creative services. Know what you are buying and your rights.
State Tax - Michigan: 
Many of our customers are sales tax exempt.  Here is how to find out if you may be.  We collect 6% sales tax on materials to all  Michigan clients who are not exempt.
  Digital vs Film:
We produce digital materials but in some cases we may start by shooting conventional film. In others we shoot high resolution digital. You may wonder why either of these is an advantage to you. Please follow the link and find out why we choose one or the other.

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