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When we shoot your job rather than deliver proof prints or contact sheets we can post reduced versions of the shots on a webpage. This is a quick way to review the images to determine which one's are to be used and any retouching that might be desired.

We post collections of low resolution images as shoot proofs for client review. We also can post high resolution files of finished images as large as 200MB per file. Since we have our own high speed dedicated server we are not limited by file space or bandwidth. This serves as a convenience to the customer so he or she does not have to re-upload the files to distribute them to authorized parties, nor store huge files on their own computer, which many times are either too large or in a print format that they cannot open anyway.

We post proof images for jobs in one of two formats;

Custom Page in which we can include details, guidance, instructions and additional links. Because of the time required to set this format up a small surcharge may apply, usually under $50.

Gang Pages in which the images are posted with only a file name as a thumbnail.  This is the quickest and easiest form and no surcharge applies.

The thumbnail when clicked opens a larger image for more detailed review.

Proof image sets are posted for 30 days. Additional availability is $10/month or $75/yr.

You can also have high-resolution image files posted for you so publications, printers, clients and other offices have access to them without the delay and risk of shipping media.

High Resolution File Posts are uploaded and posted for up to 10 days without additional cost. The client is sent a link or set of links that they can use to access the files or forward to printers, publications, etc. for download access.

High Resolution Posts beyond 10 days are billed at $0.25/MB per month. As an example a 300 dpi 8x10 uncompressed TIFF file is about 22MB. That would be $5.50/month. For a 1yr or more posting a 25% discount applies so the file would cost $49.50 for an entire year. While there is no set limit to the number of downloads of the files (bandwidth) we reserve the right to set limits if total bandwidth reaches excessive levels.

In most cases no password is required to access either proof pages or posted files for download as they are not linked to the site and are unlikely to be listed by search engines. However if your project is of a nature in which password security is warranted than we can create a password protected directly for you for a modest surcharge, usually under $25.

Whether we start with a digital file or a scanned traditional negative, over 90% of our work is delivered in a digital format. This digital file of the image may remain a file on a disk or sent over the internet for use in a publication, website or video or it may be output  as a print or mural. The digital prints we produce are indistinguishable from conventional photographic prints. They are not really good inkjet prints. They are printed by laser on photographic stock. To learn more about our output options click here.








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