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is a full service
photography studio.

We produce original photography in studio or on location.  We can deliver images as digital files anywhere in the world.

Specialized Commercial Photography;
Architecture & Construction
Industrial & Corporate
ProductsAutomotive & Aircraft
Executive Portraiture
Digital Imaging

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A little more about our areas of expertise:
While it may appear that the range of subjects we shoot would put us in the category of "generalist", we in fact are specialist in several areas. These specialties include;

> Studio Location
- While this may sound like a contradiction it is simply the capability of setting up a studio shoot off-site. We can setup a fully capable studio for table-top or floor based illustration photography in front of a variety of backgrounds. Shooting either digitally or on film we can later cut products out from the background to be placed virtually on a neutral background or within a composition. This is especially useful for brochure or catalog photography for industrial clients or the retail client that cannot easily move their products to a studio location. We do a lot of this type of work, shooting subjects ranging from huge robotic systems to small parts and products.

> Facility Illustration
- Like the studio location we bring everything we need to shoot the reception, offices, warehouse and/or manufacturing facilities of a business for use in their marketing. This can include shooting employees meeting with customers, executive portraits, architectural shots of facility exteriors as well as product and service photos.

> Industrial Photography
- Some of the types of manufacturing/industrial plants we've shot in include auto assembly plants, engine plants, plastic molding, glass plants, casting, stamping, tire manufacturing, electronics, printing and binding, building products, and warehouses just to name a few. At these facilities we may shoot the plant itself, employees, or the products they make. We have also shot in many "clean" facilities as banks, computer, design and service facilities, as well as airports.

> Automotive Photography - While the competition is very high in this specialty we have the advantage of combining over 20 years of automotive photography experience with our other specialties to meet the unique needs of many clients. For example we have shot automotive components which are part of the interior for an auto supplier in combination with facilities photography. Because of our years of experience in doing both they are not compromising nor taking on the additional expense of having the component shots done in studio by another photographer. Our expertise includes automotive location, exterior, studio exterior, studio interior, special effects, automotive racing and component illustration (engines, transmissions, seating, tires/wheels, electronics, body parts, lighting components, etc.)

> Food Photography
- Restaurants, hotels and resorts are all client types for which we've done food photography. We also do some food product photography in studio including packaged goods and products such as specialty chocolates as well as gift baskets.

> Architectural Photography
- Shooting structures of all types from the outside during day or dusk and the inside as well as aerial from a rented helicopter.

> Editorial & Executive Portraiture
- Most typically for an annual report, but also for magazine, this involves shooting a number of executives, managers and employees in various situations within a corporation. We are sensitive to the image portrayed as well as the subjects time and minimal disruption of the work environment.

> Studio Product
- Our roots are in our product studio work. Shooting consumer electronics to cosmetics. We can shoot on all formats including digital with a variety of lighting and backgrounds. We have two studios, one small and one medium in size. These are in our home. The in-house studios include comfortable areas for clients that include phones, fireplace, wetbar, hottub and sauna. In some cases it may not be desirable to bring a client to a home-based studio or the products/subjects may require significantly more space. In those cases we have a number of studios available that we can rent on a per day bases. Rental studios range from small and simple industrial spaces to very large automotive studios with multiple stages. We are happy to accommodate the client's needs.

> Digital Retouching
- From in-house produced high quality scans we incorporate digital imaging into the process of producing the perfect photo. Some things are better fixed while in front of the camera, but many things are simply more practical to retouch after the fact. Our philosophy in digital retouching is that it should not be seen. With the exception of elaborate special effects the retouching we perform should enhance the photo and not draw attention the the retouching process. Examples of this type of work include removing the brown areas on a lawn as well as powerlines in photos of building. Removing fine dust, fingerprints or imperfects in product photos. Reducing are lines, reflections in glasses and blemishes in portraits. If it can be imagined, odds are we can put it on film.

Have us bid your next project. You may be pleasantly surprised at how cost effective quality photography can be.  We can produce original photography for what many companies charge for stock!












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