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Complete Video Project includes initial shoot, edit with titles, site plan, continuous narration, archive of original tape and DVDs with presentation.

Most projects start as low as $950
Produced primarily for the construction industry, our legal documentation videos produce evidence of site conditions on a given date prior to or during construction.

Many clients require documentation at each phase completion prior to payment disbursement.
Based in Michigan;
Serving the entire Midwest

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HD is here!

Currently offering SD format on physical tape - digitally recorded but unedited and original tapes always locked and stored in permanent archive available for forensic analysis to establish authenticity. Shooting uncut shots up to 90minutes each. Customer files delivered on DVD with menu system. All projection files archived.

Now also offering full 1080P progressive HD digital. Shooting uncut segments up to 30minutes each. Customer files delivered either on Blu-ray at full HD or DVD (downscaled to SD resolution). All production files archived.

Video documentation of your project at critical junctures provides cheap insurance against costly litigation later on.

By documenting preexisting conditions you can defend your position when later confronted with disputes over the status of those prior conditions.

By simply providing a DVD documenting your position you can quickly dismiss claims against you before they go to court.

In the rare case that litigation goes forward we can testify to the accuracy of the content of the video, including providing the original uncut, unedited tape for forensic analysis if necessary.

Feel like you're being boxed into a bad situation? Document the preexisting conditions on video. It's like creating a "time machine" allowing you to show what no longer exists. 

Fees start at only $950 all inclusive! See below for all of the details.

Some Recent Projects:

A road paving company was contracted by municipality to resurface side streets with asphalt. After stripping the previous asphalt, the paving company discovered that the underlying paved surface was in poor condition requiring additional cost to repair. The municipality refused the additional cost. We were brought in to document the condition of the underlying pavement in case the municipality should decide to litigate at a later date for the shortened life of the new asphalt surface.

A developer was required by township to mark off and preserve adjacent wetlands. We were brought in to document the lines and the preexisting conditions of the wetlands.

A construction company was forced to use secondary access road to site by municipality. We were brought in to document preexisting conditions of public road access road terminated into in anticipation of municipality litigating to require construction company to unnecessarily widen and resurface public road.

A developer of vacant field found after property lines were determined and marked that trees, gardens, fences and various light structures encroached over his side of property lines. We were brought in to document shed and garage structures overlapping property lines with adjacent properties prior to their removal.

*examples are only loosely based on actual projects and may not fully reflect the intentions of the clients or plaintiffs.

Shooting professionally since 1980. In business since 1987. Shooting for the construction industry since 1992. Shooting video documentation since 1998.
What we do: We will discuss your concerns so we understand them fully. We will meet with your representative on the site to review what is to be shot. We will shoot long uncut periods of tape while describing the conditions being videoed. It is our goal to have as few cuts, shots and transitions as possible so the video is shown in real time and does not attempt to hide anything through editing. The time and date are recorded both on the camera and from a cell phone display.

Shoots utilize a high quality 3-CCD digital video camera with a wide field lens. When possible we use a camera stabilizer to reduce camera vibration. We will shoot 360 degree rotations at the beginning and end of each walking line for reference and orientation. Whenever possible we will note utilities, drainage, grades and surface conditions when applicable. We may offer HD shooting options very soon, but currently we are unable to transfer these to DVD in HD resolution. If you would like HD please inquire.

We then transfer the original tape to a powerful computer system where we add titles, arrow and descriptions where necessary and even a scanned in site plan with indications of each shots starting and ending point to help orient the viewer.

We then render DVD copies that can be played on most consumer DVD players and/or computers. The original unedited tape and copies of all of the files are then stored in fireproof file cabinets should they be needed at a later date.

Copies of the DVD are provided to the client with billing.

The client can use their copies as evidence to the conditions on that site on that date when confronted by a potential dispute or as evidence of work completed for payment disbursement by customers requiring documentation.

At a later date should any litigation ensue we can provide additional copies or even the original materials in court or deposition as well as testify on your behalf as to the accuracy and authenticity of the materials.

In this day and age any documentation can be forged or manipulated. It is our reputation that backs the documentations we produce in that they are always produced with the intent of accurately, honestly and without bias to document the conditions existing when and where they were shot. That is why we will also testify if necessary to protect our reputation and in doing so your interests as well.

Fees for video documentation may vary depending on location and requirements. As a rough guide expect to pay $950 for up to 90 minutes on site shooting up to 60 minutes of footage. Larger sites requiring more time to shoot are typically quoted as multiples of this base cost. This includes post production to include scanning of site plan, editing with shots indicated on siteplan, titles, 3 DVD copies of final video and archive of all materials including original tape. Additional time on site is billed at $300/hour in 15 minute increments. Travel time beyond 1 hour from studio is billed at 1/2 rate. Additional editing is based on $90/hour. Additional expenses such as travel, lodging, assistants, boom or scissor lifts, scaffolding, rentals, helicopter, shipping etc. is additional. Time required to appear for deposition, testimony or other support of materials produced will be billed to the contracting client at $300/hour plus expenses. Written quotes with all expenses can be provided in advance of production. In some cases an advance deposit may be required for new clients.

Now also offering Digital HD in full 1080P.

Please call or email for a quote for your project.

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