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5 Full Portfolios! 

Original Commercial Photography. We can offer portfolios in the following specialties: Architectural & Construction, Industrial, Product/Still Life & Food, People/Annual Report, Automotive & Aviation.
Digital Video:
Streaming Samples! 
We produce digital video for sales, demonstration, instruction and corporate applications. We script the shoot, shoot on set or on location with multiple cameras, edit adding special effects, voice over and graphics. The final version is broadcast quality and can be delivered in a variety of formats including streaming web. 
Digital Imaging:
Examples of Imaging
Scanning, Digital retouching & Compositing plus Digital output services. In most cases you won't see our retouching because the image is perfected.
Aerial Photography:
Elevated Photography with Bell Jet Ranger Helicopter. Safety-Speed-Control, allowing complete control of angle of view, fast transit to and from sites & seating for clients to direct shoot.
Stock Libraries:
Examples of Stock Available
Extensive Library of images available for use at reduced rates as stock for publication with limited use.  Categories include travel, corporate, landscape, plants & garden, architecture, sports, racing, automotive, scenics, nature, people, animals, etc.
Construction Progress:
Matching client requirements to the letter we will produce documentation for construction progress and deliver finished materials in a timely fashion. We also produce legal videos of site & structure preconditions to document those conditions for your protection against litigation.
Cost, Terms & Info:
Lots of Useful Information
Information on industry standard terms and conditions for all assignments. Billing cost of materials, prints, murals. Copyright information and Sales Tax information.

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